It has been a protracted example since easy-to-read phones catered for an one-on-one industry with the second so named 'work' telephone set by Siemens human being discontinued completed 5 geezerhood ago, but two new disposition are bucking the way for smaller, lighter, much advanced and phase chock-full mechanized phone emergency - introducing the JCB Tough Phone and the Samsung M110 Solid.

The communicative phones industry is largely centralized in a circle new technology, as the manufacturers clash beside all separate to unshackle new and vigorous features specified as high specification cameras and applications unremarkably saved on domicile computers two manufacturers have unconcealed an old station in the open market for hard-fought in employment builders and the creating from raw materials industry.

Phones that stomach up to the odd fall, perhaps out of a pouch or from scaffolding, phones that can be born into puddles by gaffe and phones that can be stood on or run ended by chance are not in keeping near the fiddly teeny phones that are human being introduced to the open market just this minute so to see two tendency released at the very time, both coverage to be healthy enough to resist the harshest of environments is a body process of firm air.

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Practicality wins complete gimmicks beside the JCB Tough and Samsung Solid - even the epitome hatchet job blast manly and strong!

Lets launch beside the JCB offering, a 4 in 1 resilient phone, the JCB Tough Phone is a GSM phone that acts of the apostles as a floating phone, Walkie Talkie and a Mobile Presence Tool. The grip is made from a strengthened rubberised material which is disclosure proof, liquid and particulate water-resistant and even score verification.

Re-enforced to specified an extent, the JCB Tough Phone can handgrip temperatures from as low as -20 to as full as 40 degrees celcius and the blind ordeal is scrape rainproof as resourcefully and opposing look daggers ensuring giant trait outdoorsy perceptibility.

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Aimed at users in the construction business, the JCB Tough Phone, aka Sonim XP1 who are the actual manufacturers of this device, claims that it will knob thing that is thrown at it making it an first-class resolution as a friend for substantial extremity socio-economic class workforce.

When in a loud area, the JCB Toughphone can confidently coping mistreatment its double speakers and on the fun side, the JCB Tough Phone has ringtones for personalisation which consider ones such as a preloaded signal of a JCB Digger.

The Mobile Pager can be pre-configured near predefined messages to be conveyed to the department at a touch of a button, whilst the Mobile Present Tool indicates who is forthcoming to get calls at anytime.

The bundle itself comes comprehensive of a USB telegram and convenient loop pin to living the handset connected at all contemporary world.

Now to embezzle a look at the new Samsung Solid, otherwise known as the Samsung SGH M110, which claims to be splash free, break on the loose and lesion impervious.

The Samsung Solid may outer shell approaching a styleless old flying but if a punter is sounding for a ambulatory that can toy with thing that is thrown at it and yet produce a phone at the end of the day, after the Samsung M110 is belike their new select few ship's officer.

Designed as the reliable companion for those in the construction concern or guide socio-economic class workers, the Samsung SGH-M110, aka Samsung Solid, is a concrete candybar that is some shocker proof and hose down resistant, getable in a pronouncement of either Olive Green or the more typical Black, the Samsung M110 comes accoutred next to a VGA Camera and built-in FM functionality.

There is ample extraterrestrial in the telephone book to outlet up to 500 association account and bluetooth wireless and EDGE profession come as standard, the peak is a clad 1.5inch 128 x 128 pixels displaying in 65,000 emblem and the aboard features are simple to creative person and they take in a calendar, reminder on the alert and currency converter. Other features built-in on the Samsung M110 are constitutional handsfree, sound face and voice memorandum functions, which are ever a crucial nonnegative.

So the Samsung Solid is smaller, fuel and much property crammed full than the JCB Tough Phone but is that really what a construction skivvy would worry about? So lasting as they can drop it, trivet on it and use it after being born in a covering material next the extent and weight solely come in second to a particularly practical and strapping machinery. The one thing that strength power the bulk to the JCB handset would be the information that it is a recognised, building industry brand name and sports the black and ashen colours of JCB - could be handy in bankrupt street light when wearisome to brainstorm the receiver.

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