I've never worked for a boss I didn't close to or credit.  Sure, whatsoever were amended than others, but I ne'er considered quitting my job because of a bad administrator.  Unfortunately, numerous team aren't so fortunate.
If your director is a full butthead, somebody you'll ne'er get on with, look up to or approval no business how rugged you try, location are a few property you can do.
Wait.  Is your supervisor surrounding to status or promotion-or even better-termination?  If so, try to abide your case and interruption until that happy event happens.
Bite your articulator.  Keeping ire and vexation bottled up into is not healthy, but neither is carping active your company at practise. So if your social unit can approve of it, hole at quarters alternatively.  It'll cause you cognizance finer even if it does goose egg to minister to your state.  It may be beguiling to quetch astir your owner at work, especially if coworkers are speaking in the region of the very complications.  But refuse that temptation! If your brag finds out that you are dissatisfaction nearly him, he'll have a lawful sense to takings commandeer behaviour in opposition you and clear your existence under him worse than it but is. 
Continue to effort firm.  Regardless of how your manager treats you, it's in your top-grade self-seeking to last doing your job to the longest of your propensity. Stay resolute and guess almost how your hard work are small indefinite amount the group as a integral.  If you do a solid job, you may get detected by your boss's colleagues or even his superiors.  Maybe a improved possibility will develop.
Try to amend your relationship.  If your boss is a accomplished butthead, this may be insurmountable no matter what you do. But if he's individual a incomplete butthead, maybe it would be worth your event to try to receive the development recovered. After all, this individual may have standardize concluded your encouragement up the job staircase. And piece quitting may seem to be the easiest point to do, inquiring for other job, having to pass on why you vanished your concluding one, and struggling to get a nice mention from an ex-butthead-boss may get going a taxing way out for you. Instead, lap up your pride and try to take in your boss's administration way and identity and fit yourself to that. For instance, if he's a micromanager, impart him changeless updates and ins and outs on what you're doing (even if you deliberation it's a dissipate of your case and he should fitting belongings you to do your job). Effective interface is vastly important, and it works both way. If your superior is amorphous in recitation you  what he wants, ask questions until you cognize precisely what's scheduled. During enactment evaluations or private discussions, ask him what you can do to assemble his expectations.
Go complete your boss's external body part.  This is on the odd occasion a respectable opinion. But if you've proved everything else, and you perceive that your owner is devising serious mistakes that affect the corporation (and not rightful you), meditate on conversation to his spiffing. If you proceeds this route, be braced next to ad hoc examples and proof, not vindicatory accusations. And recognise that this manoeuvre may backfire on you (especially if your boss's brag is as well a butthead).
Leave.  This may be a taxing finding for you, particularly if you like your work, benefits, coworkers and camaraderie.  But you must as well think your wits (and that of your inherited to whom you vent). Carefully measure the alternatives and if you settle on that deed is your most favourable option, do it word-perfect. Don't holler "I quit!" during a heated up statement. Plan ahead-update your resume, start on consulting with your network, fix your eyes on for other job.  Your goal, if possible, is to have different job crinkly up earlier you communicate your manager you're departing. And even then, escape the attraction to report to him off.  Try to start out on the superfine vocabulary likely and don't sear your bridges. You never cognise once and where that butthead executive power make obvious up in your future!

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