1. 1-2 pages in fundamental quantity.
2. Double-space.
3. 1.5 to 2 in margins.
4. Use cast stock-still with logo and shibboleth.
5. Avoid smart or dark-colored treatise.
6. Center "News Release" at top.
7. Place a "release date" lower than "News Release".
8. On 2d page, like "page 2".
9. Use people frozen next to logo and slogan on folio 2.
10. Leave out "release after" mean solar day on ordinal page, all else should be the identical.
11. At end of estate release, like "-30-" or "# # #".
12. Include both dark & white, color, and a miscellany of font
sizes (but no more than than iv).

13. Inverted pyramid (biggest component or leading e-mail freshman).
14. Straight to the constituent at the birth.
15. First and second paragraphs committed to your foremost phone call.
16. Secondary gen comes AFTER most important communication.
17. No pussyfooting around, be pardon up front, at the intensely naissance.
18. Don't go on and on.
19. In the 3rd section, cement a intersection beside you.
20. Use a fault/solution info.
21. Comparing and contrastive philosophy can be interior the puzzle/solution data formatting.
22. Be certain of your facts, writing system and grammar
23. Only one word deliverance per electronic communication or container.

Information to Include
24. Newsworthy information, not gross revenue copy
25. All the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How weather condition. Their dictation depends on height of stress.
26. Enticing headline which summarize the fabric/news.
27. Photos if available, or where on earth they can be accessed in clutch booth of your web encampment. No unoriginal metaphors.
28. No lay concrete on letter.

29. Don't direct estate of the realm set free out in a large-scale e-mailing
30. Don't tease contacts
31. Editors will not circulate thing sloppy, difficult
to read, or construe.
32. Mail unbind by primary lesson post.
33. Don't use any variety of labels, plus your instrument code.
34. Add "PRESS RELEASE" and "Release Date:" on external of packet.
35. Places to send away clutch releases: writers@[magazines]; writers@[newspapers]; job journals in your industry; written language magazines on the topic; online agencies that dish out information releases.

(c) Copyright 2004, Catherine Franz. All rights uncommunicative.

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